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 From Talent to Strengths

Sensing other people′s moods is a talent. Being competitive is a talent. Being charismatic is a talent. Owning a tendency to make repairs is a talent. Each self repeating pattern of thinking, feeling, or behaving is a talent if it can be utilized in a productive manner. What about stubbornness? Stubbornness is a talent when employed in a position for which it is essential not to give in, even if there is enormous pressure from higher up.

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Talents have an automatic aspect that cannot be fought. Talents make you feel good; they make you feel super! You will easily learn the knowledge and skills that go hand in hand with a certain talent you posses because you already have the aptitude. When you utilize your talents to carry out a task, you will experience an enormous sense of satisfaction, and before you know it you have completed the task.

All people have talents, but they may not always be that obvious. It is like the bridge of your nose; it is so close that you can′t see it yourself. StrengthsFinder® is a process to discover your own talents. It starts with a highly reliable test.

You will take the StrenghtsFinder® test online. StrenghtsFinder® recognizes a total of 34 talents. Your 5 highest scoring talents, your Top 5, will be uniquely yours just like your fingerprint. They determine what you obviously excel in and what ultimately will make you successful. It has been proven that people who uncovered and developed their talents are happier and more productive and successful.

Two varieties of StrenghtsFinder® are available:
  • One that uncovers your Top 5 talents
  • One that uncovers all your 34 talents in the order of importance as it relates to you.
Once you uncover your talents and optimize them by combining them with knowledge and skills, you′ll be on your way to “live your life from your strong points.”

People who live their lives from their “strengths” will be happier and more productive and successful!

Do take advantage of more than 50 years of research. Fill in the contact form now and let the StrengthsFinder® reveal your talents!

The Coach

 After the online test, you will receive your talents via e-mail. You may not fully understand how you can benefit from your newly uncovered talents. This is where a coach comes into play.

Irma Dekking is the first Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach in the Netherlands who received her training in Europe. She became a Strengths Coach because she loves to help people develop themselves and become successful. Over time, Irma has gained an abundance of experience in coaching, Executive coaching, and Team coaching. Her mission is to inspire people to live happier and more successful and productive lives. She is convinced that StrengthsFinder® is the perfect tool to quickly get permanent results.

In addition to Gallup-Certified Coaching, Irma has, for years, coached at-risk youth as well as small business owners.

Business and Teams

 Does your business experience a high percentage of absenteeism due to illness? Do you employ people who dread coming to work? Is morale at an all time low level at your business? That can be solved!
Employees who work in a Strengths-based oriented business have proven to be more engaged. Businesses with top scores on engagement compared to businesses with lower scores on engagement can have up to:
  • 37% less absenteeism due to illness
  • 21% more productivity
  • 22% more trade and profit
  • 28% less employee theft
  • 48% fewer safety issues.
(Percentages have been derived in 2012 by Gallup′s research of 192 organizations, 49,928 business/work units, and 1,390,941 employees in 34 different countries).

People who focus on their strengths are 6 times more involved with their work, and they say on average 3 times more often that their lives are fantastic. Uncovering your own talents is very interesting and fun, so imagine how much fun it will be to uncover the talents of the people you deal with on a daily basis. In addition, learn how your own talents determine how you see others. Also how people need other people′s talents to accomplish a team task. That is the underlying reasoning of StrengthsFinder®:
  • You can′t excel at everything you do
  • It costs a lot of energy to strengthen your weaknesses while you get little results
  • You need other people to get the job done
Implementing strengths-based leadership brings about a lot of change. Irma Dekking experienced that at the multinational organization where she works. She observed the enormous impact the implementation of StrengthsFinder® has on the involvement and development of her colleagues. All employees have their Top 5 posted on their desks. That way it is very easy to recognize and utilize each other′s talents, and it helps a supervisor with how to approach a subordinate.

People who utilize their talents:
  • Enjoy going to work
  • Have more positive than negative interactions with their colleagues
  • Give better customer service
  • Tell their friends they work for a fantastic organization
  • Are more successful
  • Have more positive, creative, and innovative experiences.
Team building? No... Strengths-based Team Coaching!

31% of employees express a dislike for team building activities. That negative connotation is a pity because it has been proven that a connected team is a more motivated team. The “secret” to effective team building is to do activities that will be perceived as natural and to avoid situations that will be perceived as strange, forced or not safe.

Strengths-based Team Coaching activities meet those requirements. During an interactive session, employees learn each other′s talents and exercise with them. Each employee gets a list of action items to develop his or her own talents and an overview of all other team members′ talents. These lists show the team members how they can help and supplement each other, as well as who the best person for a certain task will be, and what the strengths and weaknesses of the team as a whole are.

In addition to larger organizations, small mom and pop businesses can benefit from StrengthsFinder®. The small irritations that are often present in these types of businesses disappear, and cooperation and hence the bottom line will improve tremendously.

Coaching for individuals

 One-on-one Coaching

Do you dread your job evaluation? Do you doubt whether your current course of study is right for you? Do you think your manager does not understand you? Do you ask yourself:
  • Why you make the choices you do?
  • Why you do what you do?
  • Why you like certain things?
  • Why you excel at one thing while not at another?
Are you able to do every day what you excel in? Research shows that only 2 out of 6 people can answer that question with a “Yes.”

Are you curious to find out your own talents? You can uncover your own unique Top 5 by taking the online StrengthsFinder® test. The chance that someone else will have the same Top 5 in the same order as you is 1:33 million. Yes, you read that correctly; that is one in 33 million! Your Top 5 is your unique “fingerprint.”

You can mention you talents on your résumé, discuss them during your job evaluation, and/or add them to your Linkedin profile or other social media.

Do take advantage of more than 50 years of research. Fill in the contact form now and let the StrengthsFinder® reveal your talents!



 You can do StrengthsFinder® if you are 16 or older.

After taking the assessment you can dowload the StrengthsFinder 2.0 English eBook written by Tom Rath for free. This #1 Wallstreet Journal Bestseller brilliantly explains the Strengths theory.

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